Do I need to install any agent on target computers to execute a job thanks RemoteExec?

No. RemoteExec uses standard Windows APIs and doesn't require any intervention or installation at all on remote computers.

You can choose to install RemoteExec on any computer on your domain. Once done you will be able to target any machine.

The only requirements are:
  • The account running RemoteExec requires administrative privileges on target computers. If not, RemoteExec provides an Impersonation feature allowing you to register an account with these privileges. You can find the Impersonation accounts section into the RemoteExec Console Options.

  • Any firewall between the RemoteExec administration console and target computers should authorize the Microsoft File and Printer sharing (SMB TCP 445) and ICMP (ping) protocols.

  • The Remote registry service needs to be enabled. Take note that this service is disabled by default from Windows 7 operating system.
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