VIDEO TUTORIAL: Begin monitoring and auditing all access events on your files and folders

This tutorial shows how to start monitoring and auditing all access events generated on each chosen Windows Server. FileAudit automatically records all events into a centralized queryable SQL Server database.

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  2. VIDEO TUTORIAL: How to quickly install your file system auditing software
  3. VIDEO TUTORIAL: Basic Settings for file access auditing
  4. VIDEO TUTORIAL: Begin monitoring and auditing all access events on your files and folders
  5. VIDEO TUTORIAL: How to display and track file access events monitored by FileAudit
  6. VIDEO TUTORIAL: How to schedule file access reporting to enhance security and regulatory compliance
  7. VIDEO TUTORIAL: Set alerts to file access or access attempts
  8. VIDEO TUTORIAL: Improve your file access auditing performance through advanced settings
  9. VIDEO TUTORIAL: How to clean the file access events history in your database
  10. VIDEO TUTORIAL: How to delegate file and folder auditing to external auditors or non-IT users
  11. What is FileAudit?
  12. FileAudit history
  13. What Operating Systems are supported by FileAudit?
  14. Where are stored the file access displayed by FileAudit?
  15. What are the database systems supported by FileAudit?
  16. What is the limit of the free database provided with the evaluation version of FileAudit?
  17. I already use FileAudit 3. What happens if I install the new version 4 on the same system?
  18. How many FileAudit licenses do I need?
  19. I have subscribed to the FileAudit 3 maintenance. Do I have to pay for FileAudit 4 or 5?
  20. I have installed FileAudit 4 on the same host than FileAudit 3. How is the data stored into my old database managed ?
  21. Do I need to install FileAudit on the server I want to audit?
  22. What is installed when I use FileAudit?
  23. FileAudit was working just after I installed it but now I don’t see any new file accesses. What’s the problem?
  24. I have received my FileAudit license serial. Where can I register it?
  25. After having installed and configure FileAudit, the incremental Backup size of my server has increased.
  26. How to reduce the number of events generated in the Windows Security event log of the File Server when implementing FileAudit
  27. How to use SQL Express and transfer records from the default MS Access DB

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